Rapid Arnis was set up in 1993 after many years of research by two of Europe's leading fighter / Instructors, Pat O'Malley & John Harvey, because both felt there was a need for a style and organisation which taught Authentic Filipino Martial Arts to the general public.  

Since it's formation in 1993 Rapid Arnis gained the reputation as being Europe's leading Authentic Filipino Martial Arts Organisation and in 2000 was re-named Rapid Arnis International © 2000 - 2011. 

 Since then the mantle of heading up the organisation has fallen upon the shoulders of Tuhon Pat O'Malley (8th Degree Rapid Arnis International, 6th Grade Black Belt Doce Pares Original Multi Style System & European Representative for San Miguel Eskrima, winner of 3 World, 5 European and 32 British Arnis Kali Eskrima Titles) who's reputation as both a full contact Eskrima fighter and traditional Filipino martial arts instructor is second to none and his wife Dayang Lucy O'Malley (6th Degree Rapid Arnis, 5th Grade Black Belt Doce Pares Original Multi Style System), who is also a winner of 6 World Arnis Kali Eskrima titles and like her husband is a life member of Doce Pares and the Philippine Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Masters. 



About Rapid Arnis

In common with many other Filipino martial arts, Rapid Arnis covers several areas of combat, namely: solo baston (single stick), doble baston (double stick), espada y daga (sword and knife), baraw (knife), mano mano (empty hands), largo baston (5' long stick) and Dumog (grappling).